LASIK is a type of refractive surgery that most people probably refer to as laser eye surgery Cleveland. It actually reshapes your eye’s cornea to improve eyesight. Your Cleveland area eye doctor will be able to determine if LASIK is something you need and then a highly trained ophthalmologist performs the surgery using a laser. Despite what you may have heard, it’s a perfectly safe procedure that can really change people’s lives by removing the need for glasses or contact lenses.

 Many Cleveland residents have been turning to LASIK to treat various problems with their vision instead of having to wear glasses. It is commonly used to treat astigmatism, myopia (nearsightedness), and hyperopia (farsightedness). Laser eye surgery Cleveland should be relatively painless for most people that have the procedure and it only takes around 5 minutes on each eye to complete.

 There is very little preparation involved before the procedure takes place. Before the laser eye surgery begins, eye drops will be put in your eyes that help to numb any kind of pain and discomfort during the surgery. It is also possible that your doctor could give you other medication to calm your nerves since everyone reacts differently to the surgery.

 After you have been properly medicated, the surgeon will then use an ink marker on the cornea. Then, a suction ring is applied to help prevent any eye movements during the surgery. Now it’s up to the surgeon to adjust the laser by using a computer to get it exactly as prescribed for you by your eye doctor. After that, the procedure will begin and the laser will reshape your cornea to provide better vision.

 As you can see, this is actually a fairly simple and painless procedure. Most people get pretty worried when it comes to pointing lasers at their eye but this is completely safe. Once it’s complete you will be able to return home and rest. You will need someone to drive you though as your vision will most likely be hazy and blurry for a day or two. It’s important to rest for a couple days and let everything heal up properly before you go back to work or engage in any activities.

 A follow-up with your eye doctor is usually scheduled for the next day after surgery to test your eyesight and see the results of the LASIK. Hopefully if everything went according to plan you will no longer require glasses or contact lenses.

People who have laser eye surgery will experience varying results, but the majority will achieve 20/20 vision or even better. There are small amounts of people who may not get quite as good of results from LASIK. If that’s the case then you may still need to wear glasses or contact lenses but your prescription level will be lower than before.

 LASIK has an outstanding safety record but there have been small cases of complications arising from the surgery. The most common complaint from patients is dry eyes. However, there are treatments for this such as prescription tears or artificial tears. These treatments usually help most people recover but there are some that will have to live with dry eyes permanently.

 Another common side effect of laser eye surgery Cleveland is night glare. This is where you will experience starbursts or halos when viewing lights at night. An eye doctor will examine your eyes before the procedure to assess the risk of this happening. This is more common when someone has overly large pupils, which your eye doctor can check.

 There are a number of things that are considered before the procedure to see if you’re a good candidate for LASIK. Your eyes must be healthy which means there aren’t any conditions such as infection or dry eyes currently present. If so, you will need to treat everything before you can have the surgery.

 Your age also is a factor on whether or not the surgery is available to you. You need to be at least 18 years old or else you will need permission from your parents. It is also not recommended that women who are pregnant have LASIK done because the hormonal changes can actually change the shape of your cornea. Being healthy is very important since it will affect how quickly you heal. People with any kind of disease or illness will not respond as well to the surgery as someone with a healthy body.

 These are all things that you will want to discuss with your eye doctor and surgeon before you ever agree to laser eye surgery Cleveland. Not only that, you should also do your own research with lots of reading so you know as much as possible about LASIK. It’s good to be prepared and know which kind of questions you should ask. Research can also help you decide in which surgeon you should go for your laser eye surgery Cleveland.